Spend Less to Give Back More - A Better Way to Rent Cars

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Slide, tap, sign, repeat. We check out, and never give it a second thought. But where are your dollars going? Where do they end up and what cause do they support?

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Most people are so used to certain spending habits that, as a result, they accept inferior products and services.

Just take the rental car experience.

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Does this ring any bells? Filling out paperwork, haggling with an overeager salesperson, and potentially not even driving off with the car you originally wanted. Then, at the end of the transaction, your money goes back into a giant, faceless corporation.

But what if you could pay less for superior service? What if you could give your business to a hardworking entrepreneur and community that really needs it?

It’s not often you change a life by renting a car.

But when you car share, your dollars trickle down where it can do real good; first to the host (the person whose vehicle you’re renting) and then to the rest of their community.

What is car sharing?

If you’re not familiar with car sharing, it’s a way for car owners to turn their depreciating vehicles into assets by renting them out whenever they’re not using them (which is about 95% of the time for the average car owner).

Hosts decide when they want to rent out their cars and for what prices. Renters simply go to the carSHAiR platform, get verified to drive, and then submit a rental request for the vehicle they want to book.

This model allows hosts to recoup some of the costs of owning their vehicle. At the same time, it allows renters to save up to 30% on their car rental fees while helping out a local entrepreneur.

Who are the hosts?

At carSHAiR, we’ve had hosts affected by Hurricane Ida, hosts who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Every trip booked on our platform goes back to them.

We take a small commission in order to maintain the platform, pay our 24/7 support team in Canada and the U.S., and provide commercial insurance coverage. The rest goes to the host.

Sidenote: we also donate 15% of our commission to the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad who seeks to eradicate sex trafficking one child at a time.

Compare that to the experience you’d have at a big chain like Enterprise or Hertz. Your money goes into a big conglomerate, the majority of which will go to people who, let’s be honest, don’t need it.

So why would anyone go to a rental car company?

What is the rental process like?

Unless you’re the type of person who enjoys waiting in lines and talking to aggressive salespeople, you’ll find the car sharing experience to be a far superior one to the standard car rental agency one.

To book a vehicle, you simply need to create an account on our website or mobile app. Then scan your driver’s license and take a quick selfie to verify your identity and driving credentials. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to select from our fleet of premium vehicles and book a trip.

The process is entirely digital. It also allows for far greater customization.

Coming from the airport? Arrange for the host to drop off your vehicle there.

Need to extend your trip? Have a question about the vehicle? Message the host through the mobile app.

If you ever need assistance, you can also always reach out to our support team via the 24-hour Live Chat (on our website or mobile app).

So start putting your dollars where they can make a difference. Start saying no to subpar service. Rent a car through carSHAiR and support local entrepreneurs and businesses.

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