Special Interview With Australia’s #1 Relationship Repair Psychologist and Master Coach: Dee Tozer

In a special Interview with Australia’s #1 Rated Relationship Repair Psychologist and Master Coach, we were looking to unveil what it takes to truly fix a marriage. Dee Tozer is a Relationship Repair Coach based in Australia. Her track record speaks for itself as Dee’s clientele include highly successful couples from corporate CEOs, industry celebrities and sports elite..

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Here is How It Went:

Dee, Welcome to the Interview! Great to have you here. To start off, can a marriage that is on the verge of collapse truly be fixed?

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“Hi, thanks for having me, and great question. In short, yes, absolutely. My view is there are three parts to fixing a marriage. I work on a three phase process of Rescue, Repair and Recovery. They overlap yet they are distinct phases which require specific skilled coaching techniques. Couples who are focussed on these stages have clear expectations and do better to transform their marriage much faster than traditional therapy.

Marriages are fixable even where brokenness due to excessive substance use, compulsive behaviors or a complex infidelity has created such a great divide that rescue connection seems impossible.”

Is fixing the marriage of highly successful couples different from fixing that of mainstream couples?

“Yes because this requires a flexible fusion of curated techniques applied with sharply honed skill which has been gained from long experience to tap into the individual mindset of high performers, each brilliant in their own way.”

Is it a long term drawn out process?

“Over 3 decades I’ve learnt that powerful successful people need three things in their Relationship Coach and Psychologist: speed, flexibility and a sharp mind. My fast method brings significant relief and healing in 90 days, greater complexity can take 180 days. Building that sustainable revitalization by combining unorthodox methods based on speed and flexibility is my passion and specialty.”

Final Thoughts:

Dee is the marriage repair expert for elite couples who want the most experienced, competent couples psychologist and coach just like they want the best experts in every part of their lives, not the second best. Dee‘s expertise stands out firstly, due to her unique blend of “optimal” marriage transformation techniques developed over 30 years tailored for high profile achievers. Secondly she strongly relates to driven, successful personalities.

Dee sees CEO’s, celebrities, surgeons, lawyers, financiers and sports elite ranging from couples “nearly hating each other” to those “barely getting along who want more” where intimacy has all but disappeared. She has guided over 4,500 couples to heal their rifts and revitalize loving, intimacy again which is sustainable for the long term. She sees repairing elite couples’ marriages as “secret marriage business” because high profile couples typically don’t know how to find that crucial, very private expert who will grasp their elite lifestyle where so much is at stake.