Southwest Will Now Have Discounted Flights Every Wednesday — What to Know

Travelers can visit the airline's website on Wednesday mornings to see the new inventory of discounted fares.

<p>Stephen M. Keller/Courtesy of Southwest Airlines</p>

Stephen M. Keller/Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

Wednesday may now be the cheapest day to book flights on Southwest.

This week the airline introduced a new promotion, “Wanna Go Wednesdays”, which provides weekly discounted fares between popular markets. 

For example, sample fares from the program’s launch this past Wednesday included discounts of $69 one-way fares between Las Vegas and Long Beach, California, and $89 one-way fares between Denver and Phoenix. 

The promotion also recently featured discount fares of $109 between Dallas’ Love Field and New Orleans, as well as between Atlanta and Orlando. 

Southwest described the promotion as a way to make Wednesdays “a little more fun” and helpful for passengers looking to score a last-minute deal. 

“Customers have a whole new reason to look forward to the weekdays. We think this is a great way to highlight some spontaneous travel destinations at low fares for our Customers,” Southwest Airlines said in a blog post promoting the launch.  

In order to find the fares, travelers can visit on Wednesday mornings to see the new inventory of discounted fares.

There has long been a debate on if there is a cheapest day of the week to purchase airline tickets. A recent industry report shared that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are some of the cheaper days to purchase tickets, but the savings may be marginal. 

For passengers with definitive plans and those who can't wait until Wednesday, Southwest Airlines recently opened up the availability to book flights through March 5, 2025. This expansion of flights may be helpful for travelers looking to plan holiday season, or New Year's travel plans between 2024 and 2025. 

The airline also recently hinted that overnight, or "red-eye", flights will soon be introduced to the schedule, including from Las Vegas and Hawaii.

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