A Sound Pop Album Taking Music the Next Step Ahead!

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GeoMike122, born Michael Ciolino on January 22, 1986 in Westwood, New Jersey is ready to release his new album on October 22, 2021. Since January 31, 2021 GeoMike122 has been promoting his music and brand to various social media and music streaming platforms. With over 210,000 streams on Spotify alone as of September 17th, their music is showcasing a paradigm shift in music.

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Sound pop, a name GeoMike122 coined, is using sound elements and beats as the core basis of expressing the music. GeoMike122 uses their Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to their benefit. “One of the highlights of having ADD is that I hear all kinds of noises other people don’t, I have a heightened sense of hearing. When making music I first make the beat and then sing or write over the music. I also hear music in common noises like a train whistle or a door closing.”

On Michael Ciolino, GeoMike122’s first album the tracks are a mix of songs with lyrics and instrumentals. “ You can get the feeling and mood of a song from just the beats, so it can be much more universal than using lyrics, which someone might not comprehend due to language or vocal expression.” The album opens up with instrumental track Tiempo, using sound elements of waves and thunder to help set the mood. Next track, Above, inspired by GeoMike122’s favorite artist Madonna is similar to her 1998 hit single Frozen as it uses violins, electronic beats and a style of vocal that gives the song a special vibe. Abyss, the second single released incorporates hip-hop sounds and lyrical delivery discussing their mental health. Whimsical, a downtempo hip-hop song uses the flute to help showcase the quirks of GeoMike122. As the album continues each track has sounds that are special to GeoMike122.

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Hey Human, GeoMike122’s disco-pop single was inspired by Italo disco and Momento incorporates the sounds of c, especially Deerfield Beach hold a special place in GeoMike122’s heart as his grandparents and now father and stepmother live there for a portion of the year. In fact, “The time I spent spending on the beach and connecting with nature in South Florida energized my creativity and planning skills. I envisioned, set goals, and produced and wrote songs while in South Florida.” Traveling is a key element to GeoMike122 and the sounds, lyrics and mood in the songs showcase this.

Inspiration to edit “Abyss” occurred while in Rome, Italy, visiting his cousin as is the fun album ender “Ciao Ciao.” The music video for “Above” was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park and along the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights. According to the whimsical artist, “Traveling opens your eyes to new landscapes, foods, cultures and people. All of these experiences can be felt in my music.” In fact GeoMike122 decided to go live on his trips this August to Florida, California, New Jersey, and Rome with his ever-growing Instagram account, which is nearing 130,000 followers. “Sharing these travel experiences, and any experience with my fans, is one of my favorite parts of this journey,” GeoMike122 states.

While the journey of GeoMike122 has only just begun, the release of Michael Ciolino on October 22 is another highlight in their musical and personal adventure. Come join GeoMike122 on this experience and remember to be you, be whimsical!

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