Song Seung-heon and Crystal Liu deny breakup again

Heidi Hsia

10 May - Korean heartthrob Song Seung-heon and Chinese beauty Crystal Liu have denied yet another rumour of breakup following their absence from a movie premiere.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment News, rumours of breakup between the lovebirds sparked again recently when it was reported that neither of them will be attending the promotional event of their movie, "The Third Way of Love", in Korea today, 10 May.

Tabloids speculated that the couple may be trying to avoid the media's attention as well as each other in order not to jeopardise the movie's box office takings.

However, representatives of both camps have denied this. While Song's agency ENT explained that the actor is currently working in another country, Crystal's rep said that the actress wasn't able to take time off her busy schedule to attend the screening.

Their breakup rumours sparked earlier back in April, with sources claiming that the two of them weren't able to handle the pressure of being in a long-distance relationship.

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