Solenn on personal style and the key to being sexy

By Tatin Yang for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

The secret to Solenn Heusaff's effortless style is exactly that: no effort. During her off-camera days, Solenn confesses to being a jean-shorts-and-white-shirt kind of girl. Just like most of us girls, she also likes to search for fashion inspiration and trends. But while she looks up to the style of of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, she knows what works for them doesn't necessarily work for her body type. Check out her tips on how to get your own personal style, the key to feeling sexy (it's a no-brainer!) and what every woman should have in her closet.  

Fashionology: What would you say is your personal style? 
Me, I'm very laid-back. If I don't have to go to an event or to look proper, I'm always in jean shorts, a loose top and flats. 

How did you develop your style?
I never used to be into fashion when I was younger, I dressed horrible (laughs). I was always in Tasmanian Devil t-shirts and stuff like that, but I think it was more through the latter part of high school when I started looking at fashion magazines. That's how I started, through magazines, 'cause none of my family are very fashion-oriented, though my grandmothers—both on my mom's and dad's sides—they both are sewers and wedding gown makers. 

What magazines did you turn to for inspiration? 
I used to get Vogue and Elle, 'cause my sister had an annual subscription, so I just looked at her stuff, since she was my elder sister I liked to copy her.

What would you wear to:  Dinner with friends? Depends on where we're going also, if it's just a random dinner at a regular restaurant, I'll just go how I was during the day, I don't really care (laughs). But if it's a dressy restaurant, I'll put in some effort, anything I wear during the day I can wear at night, I'll just add heels and a bit of makeup.

Date night? Same. For me, there's nothing extra special (laughs).

Red carpet events? I'll have gowns made, of course. I also try to keep myself updated on what the new "in" gowns are, I try to have it made with those as inspirations. 

What are the top five must-haves in your closet that you feel every woman should have? 
For sure, a little black dress, a nice fitting pair of jeans, a very nice blazer that you can wear with any dress that can turn any floral or casual dress formal, like a black blazer, a nice fitting sando or tank top because I think that's sexy, and the last would be a nude pair of pumps that can go with everything. 

What advice would you have to give to women in search of their own personal style?  
Just wear what you feel comfortable in, what suits someone else doesn't mean it will suit you as well, you really need to find what suits your body type, 'cause you don't want to look too "pa-effort", it has to look natural. 

How would you combine that advice with the latest fashion trends? How do you mix trends with your laid-back style? 
I usually get to try all the trends when I'm on TV, otherwise I'm just in my jean shorts and my white shirt (laughs). But I do try to see what's in and try it out, piece by piece but not the whole thing. 

Did you have any style lessons that you picked up when you were growing up in France? 
Comfort is key. You can't feel sexy if you're not feeling comfortable in what you're wearing, you really need to dress your body type, don't dress in someone else's body type, like Kate Moss, I can appreciate what she's wearing but if I copy her look exactly, people would be like, "What's Solenn wearing? She's wearing a rag." It's not the same! Just keep yourself posted on new trends, look at a lot of magazines, try out new things, but just because it's "in" doesn't mean you have to wear it.