Social Media Star Twinkle Mukherjee Shows How Millennials Love Living Their Life

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Twinkle Mukherjee is a popular international influencer and entrepreneur. In an era where the people around the world are glued to the social media and look up to its ‘influencers’, this young lady is quite influential for a lot of millennials.

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The girl behind Twinkle In Trendz brightens our social media feed just like her name. While her opulent vacations in five star luxury hotel suites and villas around the world in stunning designer clothes and accessories came to our notice first, we slowly got inspired by more than just one thing about her.

The self-confessed travel addict spends much of her time in Dubai, London and Kolkata. While her exotic vacation plans have halted for a bit due to Covid-19 pandemic, her lifestyle hasn’t stopped inspiring the millennials across the globe. Her mesmerizing pictures vacationing in the luxurious resorts in the private islands and yachts may take a little time to make a comeback on her social media feed, but her lifestyle hasn’t lost any spark in the meantime. Her daily lifestyle now revolves around her luxury penthouse and lazy day outfits. But that’s nothing short of a dream for most of the youngsters of her age. Her dining style at home is at par with five star luxury hotel restaurants and it makes us drool and be envious at the same time. She is often seen flaunting her toned body in workout fits.

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It’s obvious that this fashionista doesn’t forget to display her luxury designer outfits and accessories. She is often seen featuring her dressed up look before heading out for more luxury designer brand shopping either in her swanky Land Rover or BMW 5-Series sedan. She also unveiled her new toy - a family SUV - a brand new 2021 BMW X7 M Sport just a few days back.

She doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for all the finer things. Whether it is her love for luxury designers brands or luxury cars, she’s all for it.

As her wardrobe is expanding with brands like Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Givenchy, her home features lavish decor from Roberto Cavalli and Versace home collections.

Her swanky car collection is noteworthy as well. She frequently features her garage with multiple luxury cars. For many youngsters, it’s no less than a dream life.

Twinkle Mukherjee shows how the millennials like to live. Living around lavish houses, fancy meals, expensive designer brands, luxurious cars and sometimes just heading out for an extravagant vacation to get refreshed. Being so young to achieve everything to live a high life, she inspires millions of youngsters around the world. Undoubtedly, this is the era of the influencers. These youngsters are here to stay and showcase their uber luxurious lifestyle on the ‘gram influencing many other youngsters to set their dreams and not be afraid to pursue it.

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