Snowman artist skilfully sculpts Godzilla, Catbus and Pokemon

Lim Yian Lu
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Godzilla snow sculpture by Japanese snowman artist @mokomoko_2015. (Twitter)
Godzilla snow sculpture by Japanese snowman artist @mokomoko_2015. (Twitter)

Japanese snowman artist @mokomoko_2015 showcased his impeccable works of snow recently on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of these snow creatures below.

His latest creation features a fearsome Godzilla in its fighting stance, as if ready to blast out a ray of atomic breath. What’s interesting is that the artist made sure to carve out the scales on Godzilla’s body, giving it more texture than a usual snowman would have.

@mokomoko_2015 even added pulsating blue lights on Godzilla’s back to mimic its nuclear capabilities!

Another fascinating work is the Catbus from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro. The Catbus, as its name suggests, is a peculiar bus in the form of a cat, which Totoro rides in. With the yellow lights added to the snow Catbus’ eyes and body, it looks like it is going to take off anytime.

Apart from these, @mokomoko_2015 has also sculpted realistic-looking Pokemon like Mew, Magikarp and Alcremie from the latest series.

The legendary and elusive Pokemon Mew:

Magikarp is flopping at his doorstep:

The innocent-looking cream Pokemon Alcremie:

The Minions were also there to have some snowy fun too!

As for Demon Slayer fans, you would recognise this evil-looking “snowman” to be Rui, the Lower Moon Five of the Twelve Demon Moons.

Apparently, according to his Twitter profile, @mokomoko_2015 turns into a snowman artist every winter. In fact, he has been doing so since 2015. His first upload is a snow Titan from Attack On Titan, which released two live-action movies that year.

His tweets subsequently saw the appearances of popular characters like:

Star Wars’ BB-8:

Disney Tsum Tsum (Mickey, Minnie and Piglet):

Totoro and friends:

And even the fire Pokemon Charmander, decorated with a warm light on its tail!

With spring approaching Japan soon, there are only a few weeks left before this skilful snowman artist takes a break.

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