SLAM's Zamani is confident about treating his scoliosis

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15 Jul – Singer Zamani recently stated that he is more confident in treating his scoliosis now, having met three experts in the field at the ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital.

The singer, who was speaking with Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim (who is the Brand Spokesperson for Bone Health at ALTY), stated that he has been to many places, including the ones who offered traditional treatments, but hadn't found anything that convinced him to continue to get treatment.

"Before, I was scared because I didn't get the complete input. But after hearing from the three experts, I am more convinced that this could be treated," he said.

He also added that the fact that the hospital focuses on orthopaedic treatment is also a plus.

Zamani, who has been suffering from scoliosis since 2015, stated that he didn't think too much about his condition at first, but began experiencing pain in the last three to four years.

He also admitted that one of the reasons he is thinner now than in the past was due to the fact that he couldn't consume too much food, as "eating too much" would hurt his body because of his condition.

As to why he decided to get treatment this time, Zamani, who married best friend Nur Juliana in 2019, said that being married is a significant factor in the decision.

"My family is important. For me to build a family with my current condition is quite difficult," he added.

When asked what he learnt from his meeting, Zamani said that one should never worry about the operation itself, but to focus on recovering. He also advised people to not delay treatment like he did and to get help as soon as possible.

Aznil Nawawi previously helped raise funds for Zamani to get treatment
Aznil Nawawi previously helped raise funds for Zamani to get treatment

(Photo Source: Zamani Slam Instagram)

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