The Skunk on ‘The Masked Singer’ Was Revealed to Be This Beloved R&B Songstress After All

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Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

Okay, this one is seriously not a surprise since everyone already knew Skunk was Faith Evans, but the official reveal from last night's episode *confirmed* it all! Faith had such a fun unmasked interview—watch it here:

Smell that? No, it isn’t the old bag of broccoli in your fridge that you bought under the illusion you might eat something healthy tonight. It’s the Skunk from The Masked Singer, radiating a scent so alluring and intoxicating that I can only assume we’re under some kind of sinister spell.

The Skunk will show up again on The Masked Singer season 6 tonight in Group A finals where they will go up against the Bull and duet with Michael Bolton for some reason, so it’s absolutely vital that whatever celebrity is trapped inside its body breaks free immediately. And naturally, the time has come to theorize about who might be in there. Up first? We analyze the evidence.

The Clues

The Masked Singer has helpfully released several clue packages for the Skunk, so let’s get right to it:

Things we learned from this mess:

  • The Skunk reveals that she “relates to duality.”

  • She appears to really love trains.

  • We see someone on a train reading a paper that says, “Has the golden ear winner lost her mind?”

  • We also see the Skunk holding a train ticket that says, “Depart: Seoul, North Korea.”

  • We see a vase with the letter D on it (could be a reference to “Divas”).

  • The Skunk seems to be known for getting into fights.

  • We see the Skunk spray some poor dudes on the aforementioned train with “Hater Spray.”

Cool, got it, literally nothing makes sense. Moving on to clue package number two!

Things we’ve learned:

  • The Skunk feels like she’s forever a student, which, same. By which I mean a student of The Masked Singer (working toward my PhD).

  • We see the Skunk wandering around a giant library perusing a shelf full of a book called Life of Burns by Lockhart.

  • We also see two books titled U.S. Government and Expect the Unexpected.

  • AND! We see two other books titled Big Book of Acting and Iron Out Your Swing.

Still with me? Take a deep breath for clue package number three.

Things we’ve learned:

  • The Skunk was kind of a party animal (excuse the pun)…

  • …but not so much anymore.

  • We see that she and Pufferfish (aka Toni Braxton) are pals. 👀

Now, time for the fourth set of clues:

What we learned:

  • The Skunk thinks about a time machine “more than the average person,” maybe because they lost a famous loved one.

  • Skunk’s biggest regret is not saying hello to that loved one before they died.

  • A hug to that loved one could have “changed history.”

Kay, and finally, we have this footage of the Skunk performing “Diamonds,” by Sam Smith; “Midnight Train to Georgia,” by Gladys Knight; and “Square Biz,” by Teena Marie—and frankly, Skunk killed it!

The Theories

Faith Evans

Photo credit: Lester Cohen - Getty Images
Photo credit: Lester Cohen - Getty Images

Fans think the the Skunk is Faith, and honestly, the clues fit this theory almost perfectly. First of all, the Seoul train ticket could be a reference to Faith’s Soul Train Awards, while the vase with the D could be a reference to her show R&B Divas. Also, Faith and Toni Braxton have been navigating the same R&B scene for decades and even have performed together before—so they undoubtedly know each other and have for a long time.

Photo credit: Michael Caulfield Archive - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Caulfield Archive - Getty Images

Some fans on YouTube are also noting that Faith went to Fordham University but left to raise her daughter, which could explain the Skunk’s comments about leaving school and learning to “expect the unexpected.” Oh, and then there’s the fact that the Skunk literally sounds exactly like Faith in her performance (go ahead and compare it to this YouTube video!).

But honestly, aside from all that, the Skunk’s Time Warp clues are what really seal the deal about this being Faith. The clue package aligns perfectly to Faith’s last time seeing her estranged husband, legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G., in person—she chose not to speak to him directly on what ended up being the night he was killed. In the clue set, Skunk says almost the exact same thing Faith did when she spoke about that fateful night in this interview:

Angie Stone

Photo credit: Monica Morgan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Monica Morgan - Getty Images

Okay, we’ll indulge this incredibly low possibility just for the sake of it because nearly every. single. Masked Singer fan believes the Skunk is Faith, especially after Skunk’s most recent clues and performance. Nevertheless, some have noticed that at least a few of the clues also line up with Angie Stone…especially since we see the Skunk surrounded by tons of diamonds, and Black Diamond just happens to be the name of Angie’s first album. Plus, Angie also had an album in 2009 called Unexpected, and one of the Skunk’s books was, as a reminder, Expect the Unexpected!

At this point, though, it’d be beyond surprising for Faith Evans *not* to be inside the Skunk. Be sure to check back here on the big reveal when it happens!

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