Skechers Collaborations Through the Years: Doja Cat, Martha Stewart and More

Skechers has had several shoe collaborations with iconic brands, beloved stars and popular franchises throughout the past several years. The long list of successful partnerships includes shoe collections and styles created with One Piece, Martha Stewart, Ashley Park, Vexx, Dr. Seuss, Ricardo Cavolo and many more.

Ahead, FN takes a closer look into some of Skechers’ collaborations over the years.

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Skechers x One Piece, 2018

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x One Piece
Skechers x One PieceeBay

In 2018, Skechers collaborated with One Piece on a collection of five new versions of the brand’s classic D’Lites silhouette. Each of the new pairs was adorned with a bright combination of colorways.

Skechers x Line Friends, 2019

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Line Friends
Skechers x Line FriendsSkechers

In 2019, Skechers teamed up with Line Friends on a limited edition collection. The collection featured several of the franchise’s iconic characters on a range of Skechers styles, including Skechers Street, Skechers Sport, and Skechers Cali for women, plus Skechers Kids sneakers and sandals for girls.

Skechers x Snickers, 2019

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Snickers
Skechers x SnickersSkechers

Skechers collaborated with Snickers in 2019 on a limited-edition sneaker collection. The new selection of Skechers D’Lites and men’s sports sneakers were redesigned in a variety of both neutral and vibrant colorways and adorned with graphic logo detail.

Skechers x Dr. Seuss, 2020

In 2020, Skechers partnered with Dr. Seuss on a collection of footwear silhouettes that played off the franchises’ most iconic characters. Inspired specifically by “The Cat and The Hat,” the shoes were released in bright red, blue and white colorways.

Skechers x JGoldcrown, 2021

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x James Goldcrown
Skechers x JGoldcrownSkechers

Skechers teamed up with JGoldcrown in 2021 on a line of shoes that launched just before Valentine’s Day. The collection included Uno and ’90s retro Roadies sneakers, canvas slip-ons and sandals for women and girls.

Skechers x Ryan’s World, 2021

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Ryan's World
Skechers x Ryan’s WorldSkechers

In 2021, Skechers partnered with Ryan’s World on a selection of colorful sneakers for children. The collection marked the first time a major shoe brand has offered a kid YouTube star a global footwear deal.

Skechers x Kansai Yamamoto, 2021

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Kansai Yamamoto
Skechers x Kansai YamamotoSkechers

In 2021, Skechers partnered with Kansai Yamamoto on a new footwear collaboration inspired by the late Japanese designer. The limited-edition collection featured four footwear styles for men and women that embraced Kansai’s colorful aesthetic.

Skechers x Ava Max, 2022

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Ava Max
Skechers x Ava MaxSkechers

Skechers collaborated with Ava Max in 2022 on a limited-edition footwear collection. The two released styles included the Roadies Surge, a high-top lace-up fashion sneaker boot with a black patent leather upper and classic rugged lug outsole, and the Uno Hi, an update to Skechers Uno fashion sneaker in an off-white colorway with a patent leather trim and platform wedge.

Skechers x Tokidoki, 2022

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Tokidoki
Skechers x TokidokiEbay

In 2022, Skechers teamed up with Tokidoki on a colorful collection of four new footwear styles. The exclusive line featured several characters from the Tokidoki franchise in addition to its iconized heart and crossbones logo across a range of popular Skechers styles.

Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo
Skechers x Ricardo CavoloSkechers

Skechers partnered with Ricardo Cavolo in 2023 on a three-piece capsule collection. Each style featured a dusty pink colorway and was adorned with eye-catching designs from Cavolo.

Skechers x Diane von Furstenberg, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Diane von Furstenberg
Skechers x Diane von FurstenbergSkechers

In 2023, Skechers collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg on a new selection of products that featured kiss-printed chunky sneakers and slides. The Skechers D’Lites, Uno and Max Cushioning Elite sneakers were adorned with the custom pink, black and red graphic.

Skechers x Doja Cat, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Doja Cat
Skechers x Doja CatStockX

Skechers teamed up with Doja Cat in 2023 on an all-new Doja’Lite sneaker in partnership with StockX. The sneaker, released in a limited quantity, was available in both a black and white colorway.

Skechers x Martha Stewart, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Martha Stewart
Skechers x Martha StewartMartha Stewart

In 2023, Skechers partnered with Martha Stewart on her first footwear collection. The collection featured a wide selection of styles in neutral and muted colorways, including beige, olive green and brown.

Skechers x The Rolling Stones, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x The Rolling Stones
Skechers x The Rolling StonesSkechers

In 2023, Skechers collaborated with The Rolling Stones on a capsule collection that highlighted the band’s iconic lips-and-tongue logo. The collection featured a range of silhouettes for men, women and kids.

Skechers x Ashley Park, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Ashley Park
Skechers x Ashley ParkSkechers

Skechers collaborated in Ashley Park in 2023 on her first signature collection. Designed with a sleek pointed-toe, each pair of brightly colored sneakers featured a Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole.

Skechers x Snoop Dogg, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Snoop Dogg
Skechers x Snoop DoggSkechers

In 2023, Skechers teamed with Snoop Dogg on the first collection as part of a multi-year partnership. The star’s first shoe with the brand was a pair of low-top lace-up sneakers designed to be worn anywhere.

Skechers x Jen Stark, 2023

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Jen Stark
Skechers x Jen StarkSkechers

In 2023, Skechers collaborated with Jen Stark on an artistic pair of sneakers. For the collaboration, Stark reimagined Skechers’ classic Uno sneaker with an all-over drippy pattern, available in multi-color or black and white.

Skechers x Vexx, 2024

Skechers, Skechers collab, Skechers x Vexx
Skechers x VexxSkechers

Skechers partnered with Vexx in 2024 on a small footwear collection that featured the creator’s signature “doodles.” The artist’s detailed and vibrant characters additionally appeared on a selection of apparel and accessories for men and women.

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