Siti Nordiana ends conflict with five friends

7 Dec – The two-year conflict between singer Siti Nordiana and her five former friends ended amicably recently.

The 39-year-old singer as the plaintiff and the five defendants - singer Lan Solo, Syura Badron (Lan's wife), Nur Sheila Hassim; Public Relations Officer of FMC Music Recording Company, Sam Musyadzafar Samin and makeup artist, Razidah Ahmad Senusi, have now agreed to settle the case out of court.

It is understood that they made the decision on the basis of the friendships that have been established over the years.

In a statement, they expressed, "With this we hope that the disputes and misunderstandings that have happened before between us will stop here and let it be a bitter history that will not be repeated."

Judge John Lee Kien How @ Mohd Johan then recorded the consent judgment in addition to setting aside the previously set trial date.

It was back in 2021 that the All Stars Gegar Vaganza contestant filed a RM2.5 million lawsuit against the five aforementioned people for publishing defamatory words against her through a live stream on Instagram, accusing her of being disrespectful, stubborn, and misused her popularity to gain respect.

Syura, Sheila and Lan Solo are among those named in Nana's lawsuit
Syura, Sheila and Lan Solo are among those named in Nana's lawsuit

(Photo Source: Siti Nordiana IG)