Singapore's fashion disasters of 2018

By Niki Bruce

Flags, errant capes, and misplaced balls got more than just fashionistas shaking their heads in 2018. Here’s Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore’s list of the year’s top five Singapore fashion faux pas.

Crazy, Rich, and Also Asian

Sukki Singapora at the Singapore premiere of “Crazy Rich Asians” on 21 August 2018. (File photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

The Singapore premiere of Crazy Rich Asians at Capitol Theatre in August saw a fair bit of crazy and rich on display, but some of the loudest statements were about the film’s apparently problematic depiction of “Asian”. The film’s “Chineseness” had drawn criticism for its lack of representation and less-than-flattering depiction of other Asian groups. Singapore burlesque dancer Sukki Singapora attempted a retort with a well-intentioned sloganed cape that didn’t lend itself to easy reading – it could have just as well been read as “Asians All Come In Colours” as “Asians Come in All Colours”. Presenter Anita Kapoor delivered a more powerful punch with her wooden “Also Asian” clutch.

Not a five-star showing


The Star Awards always serves up homegrown glamour – with some swipe-worthy entertainment. The 24th Star Awards in April was no exception. The Aqua Carpet threw up a couple of questions marks, like getai star Liu Ling Ling’s headdress of glittery balls. Equally puzzling was Felicia Chin’s choice, a flowery ruffled dress which seemed to have drawn its inspiration from a shower curtain.

Blinging it over-the-top

Given a theme like “Maximalism”, most guests at the 36th Singapore Tatler Ball held at the Capella Singapore in October went for the “more is more” look. But some took the brief way too seriously. Socialite Kim Camacho seemed to have trotted out every piece of bling she could physically fit on her being, and topped it off with a beaded hat and a train, tipping her into OTT territory.

Kim Camacho at the Singapore Tatler Ball 2018. (PHOTO: Singapore Tatler)

Meanwhile, philanthropist Peggy Jeffs’ gold sequinned ensemble and feathered headgear made her look a bit like an Oscar statue.

Peggy Jeffs at the Singapore Tatler Ball 2018. (PHOTO: Singapore Tatler)  

Feathery future

With Icon magazine’s 13th anniversary Grand Ball held in April, some responses to The Future is Here theme – like online influencer Mae Tan’s – were suitably freaky.

Influencer Mae Tan.

Meanwhile, next-gen socialite Calista Cuaca’s mummy bandage top and feathered, metallic disk skirt combined for a look that was more posh feather duster than futuristic.

Socialite Calista Cuaca.  

Say no to the dress

Miss Singapore 2018 national costume. (Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)

Taking top spot in this year’s fashion faux pas is Miss Universe Singapore Zahra Khanum’s national dress, an odd mash-up of wings, a peace sign as a bodice, and a semi-circular skirt featuring the Singapore skyline and the flags of the U.S. and North Korea. It prompted a wave of online jibes and skirt memes from the moment it was first seen on November 29, 2018. Trolls aside, Ms Khanum was in good company at the Bangkok competition, which served up liberal portions of weird and whacky national costumes.

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