Singapore's Civic District to be transformed into a glittering night wonderland in January

Reena Devi
Lifestyle Reporter
(Photo: Light to Night Festival)

Singapore’s Civic District will be transformed into a nocturnal wonderland later this month during the second Light to Night festival. Spearheaded by National Gallery Singapore, the festival will see the district bedecked with light projections, colourful spaces and mirror illusions from 19 to 28 January 2018.

More than 80 food and craft stalls will operate at The Padang, while there will also be programmes such as readings, music performances, poetry recitations and artist talks.

Here is Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore‘s selection of Instagram-worthy glittering attractions at the festival: 

(Photo: Light to Night Festival)

1. Chromascope

National Gallery Singapore’s City Hall façade will become a dazzling interactive canvas. Visitors can step on pads to project colourful visuals onto the building.

(Photo: Light to Night Festival)

2. Art Skins on Monuments

In addition to the former Supreme Court Building, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre, Victoria Concert Hall and the Asian Civilisations Museum will also serve as the backdrop for the light extravaganza.

A total of 30 artists, illustrators and multimedia designers will weave their magic to project lights onto the buildings, including new media artist Brandon Tay, visual artist Speak Cryptic, illustrator-artist Aeropalmics and contemporary artist Samantha Lo. 

(Photo: Light to Night Festival)

3. House of Mirrors

Fascinated by the bewildering patterns of a kaleidoscope? The Empress Lawn will showcase works by Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, with which visitors can encounter a labyrinth of mirrors and journey through thousands of optical illusions.

(Photo: Light to Night Festival)

4. Trip to Colourscape

Take a trippy walk through The Esplanade Park tunnel through an interplay of coloured lights and shadows conjured by lighting design collective Nipek. 

The surreal experience will be enhanced by performances from local bands such as Cosmic Child and Sang Mataharitidur Mati at The Esplanade Park.

(Photo: Primitive Hut)

5. Art Incubator: Tropical Primitive Hut

An ancient hut set in the modern day? A group of Year 1 students from the National University of Singapore’s Architecture faculty will showcase their installation “Tropical Primitive Hut” at the ACM Green.

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