Singaporean singer Qiu Fengze drops dance hit Moon Landing with Taiwanese band W0LF(S)

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  • Kenny Khoo
    Singaporean singer-songwriter
Qiu Fengze in Moon Landing's music video. (Screenshot from YouTube)
Qiu Fengze in Moon Landing's music video. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Moon Landing, the new single from Taiwanese band W0LF(S)’s upcoming first album, features Singaporean singer-songwriter Qiu Fengze, also known as Kenny Khoo, attempt dancing in a music video for the first time.

W0LF(S) was established from the Taiwanese variety show 100% Entertainment. The group name derives from the initials of the five members: Wayne Huang, Nine Chen (also known as 09), Lai Yan-ju, Qiu Fengze and Shou Lou.

The music video of the dance hit, released on 1 December, has K-pop-like beats and features the five of them grooving in cool black-white outfits, before alternating with fiery red-black costumes.

Qiu wrote on his Instagram, “I was quite worried to perform a dance song for the first time as my body has always been a little stiff. But with the constant encouragement from my partners, I gained the confidence to do my best for everyone.”

Here's the music video:

Here’s a performance of the full dance:

Fans were generally touched by Qiu's effort, some of whom posted the following comments:

“You are the best.”

“You really are an idol who makes us feel proud.”

“Thanks Fengze for the never-ending surprise.”

“I’m looking forward to your future events.”

“All the blood, sweat and tears will not go wasted.”

The song's lyrics are about how “we are our own worst enemy” and that fate lies in our own hands. This is also why W0LF(S) chose to take on a full-fledged dance song, as they knew they had to break their own boundaries in order to excel and “land on the moon”.

Qiu recently collaborated with Edan Lui of Cantopop boy band Mirror to release a single, Promising Young Man, in both Mandarin and Cantonese versions.

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