Singaporean restaurant, run by the son of a hawker, just earned 3 Michelin stars in Taiwan

In 2023, Singaporean restaurant JL Studio by Jimmy Lim was awarded 3 Michelin stars in Taiwan for its innovative modern cuisine. As we look back on this pivotal moment, its lasting impact continues to drive change and new developments in the culinary industry.

JL Studio - Jimmy Lim
Credit – JL Studio

Initially, Jimmy Lim aspired to develop his career as a professional athlete; however, an injury deterred him. Inspired by his father, a zi char stall owner, he decided to take up a course at Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre (SHATEC), where he mastered his culinary skills. He refined his expertise in several Michelin-starred restaurants after graduation, leading to his achievement today.

JL Studio - Interior
Credit – JL Studio

The establishment of JL Studio in Taichung has been inspirational. Jimmy Lim was dedicated to demonstrate that Singaporean cuisine can rival Western fine dining (we should be proud of our local hawker fare, as it is just as delicious). Thus, he opened this contemporary restaurant in 2017 to offer elevated Singaporean cuisine.

JL Studio - Gado-gado
Credit – JL Studio

To adapt to local tastes, Jimmy Lim has incorporated many native Taiwanese ingredients into his dishes, making them more appealing to their palates. A notable example is his unique take on Gado-gado. Instead of the traditional peanut sauce, he uses white sesame dressing to complement the Kuruma prawn from Penghu.

If you’re interested to try, the dining experience is priced at NTD$5,880 per pax for both lunch and dinner, exclusive of beverages.

Even though it has been several months since the restaurant has received its award, we remain proud of Jimmy Lim for elevating and showcasing local fare on a global stage!

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