Singapore is voted the cleanest and greenest city in the world, according to Time Out survey

Singapore Marina Barrage Park. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
Singapore Marina Barrage Park. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

According to a recent Time Out Index survey, 62 per cent of respondents voted Singapore as the world's cleanest and greatest city in the world. With a population of 5.9 million, that's quite a feat!

Singapore also made it to the 24th position on the world's best cities list. The results were collected from 27,000 city dwellers from around the world who answered questions about city life, culture, dining and drinking, nightlife, relationships, community, and local neighbourhoods. The list also took into account insights from Time Out editors and experts worldwide.

Out of the 37 cities that made it to the 2021 list, the top three cities that made it to the top spots are San Francisco, Amsterdam and Manchester.

Singaporeans and residents have flocked to outdoor recreation amid COVID restrictions, looking for activities that they can enjoy safely. We've even seen a boost in staycations after Singapore Tourism Board (STB) rolled out domestic tourism packages, including approved hotels and partnerships to boost local activities. More and more residents are playing local tourists in the city, taking up sports like fishing and even skateboarding to boost their mental health.

See the full list below:

1. San Francisco

2. Amsterdam

3. Manchester

4. Copenhagen

5. New York

6. Montreal

7. Prague

8. Tel Aviv

9. Porto

10. Tokyo

11. Los Angeles

12. Chicago

13. London

14. Barcelona

15. Melbourne

16. Sydney

17. Shanghai

18. Madrid

19. Mexico City

20. Hong Kong

21. Lisbon

22. Boston

23. Milan

24. Singapore

25. Miami

26. Dubai

27. Beijing

28. Paris

29. Budapest

30. Abu Dhabi

31. Sao Paolo

32. Johannesburg

33. Rome

34. Moscow

35. Buenos Aires

36. Istanbul