Singapore clothing label collaborates with Acres to bring streetwear for dogs with a charity twist

A furkid models the attire. (PHOTO: Shanghood)
A furkid models the attire. (PHOTO: Shanghood)

Inspired by what Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres) does for the wildlife community, Singapore clothing brand, Shanghood, presents a collection of unique streetwear for dogs and pledging part of their proceeds to the charity. Embarking on a partnership with Acres, Yahoo Lifestyle SEA understands more from Shanghood’s founders, Jason and Ruix, how it all came about and the brand’s future plans.

“This partnership comes about when we attended one of Acres meetings in August, in which we learnt of the huge amount of operation cost they need to run their daily operations.”

Hoping that the collaboration can help boost awareness on the difficulties in running a non-profit organisation in Singapore, the founders also wish to shine a light on the staff and volunteers that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes. “Their commitment really further proves the need for our community support,” they added.

Established in 2015, the brand was birthed in Shanghai when the founders were in the Chinese city, but created in Singapore. With a showroom located at Tiong Bahru Market, the brand’s online client base is vast, spanning from Malaysia to China and Hong Kong, and even reaching customers in the United States.

While it is not the label’s first collaboration, teaming up with Acres through the Shang Doggie line is the brand’s first project in giving back to society. It is also the first time that the streetwear label launched a collection of dog apparel.

“This partnership is our first charity drive,” Ruix and Jason shared, “and it is also the first official dog streetwear line in Singapore. Hopefully, this will also create a culture of dogs fashion in Singapore.”

True to the label’s style, the Shang Doggie collection relies heavily on the familiar streetwear culture with a stylish minimalist touch, and the Doggie Cap line is an extension of the brand’s popular “sold out” cap series.

Pledging to donate 50% of their nett proceeds from the dog apparel, Shanghood is looking to make this a long-term partnership with the charity. “This will run as long as our doggie line continues to exist,” the founders shared. Owners can now get matching caps with their pets, and don on the characteristic “sold out” hoodies with their pups while doing a part for charity.

"sold out" cap. (PHOTO: Shanghood)
"sold out" cap. (PHOTO: Shanghood)

When asked if their pets were the reason why Ruix and Jason chose Acres to worked with for their brand’s first charity project, their answers were surprising.

“None of us are pet owners, but many of our close circle of friends are. Being around the dogs, hearing the challenges of the community, and following closely on animal cruelty and rescue groups in Singapore has influenced the decision on an animal charity as a start.”

While the label’s first charity project aims to help Acres sustain their operation and other costs through this partnership, Shanghood is already looking into embarking on another project in the near future.

“We are planning another campaign to give back to the poor and vulnerable people in the society and are in talks with a reputable NPO to work out the details,” Jason shared.

More than just working on partnerships with non-profit organisations, the Singapore-based clothing label is working on expanding aggressively on all fronts to bring about more collaborations and designs for their customers. “Shanghood will be launching the world’s first shatterproof cup in collaboration with Australia Cup maker Sttoke in October,” the founders let on.

Having established itself as a trusty streetwear brand in Asia, Shanghood is looking next at the vast market in the United States. “We hope to ultimately represent Singapore as a prominent streetwear brand on the world map one day.”