Simon Atri and His New Tequila Travesuras Brand

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From event rooms to real estate, Simon Atri has become one of the lead-businessmen in the United States and Mexico, with 25 years of experience starting up several businesses in 20 different industry branches, his story has inspired thousands in Latin America to pursue their goals and finally accomplish their dreams.

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Working since a young age, Simon had his first foray in the business world in his family restaurant as a dishwasher, then as a waiter and after 3 years he took the office as the general manager of the restaurant. At the age of 22 he started a new business from scratch called “La Taberna De Leon” in southern Mexico City and at the same time he opened a new place, “Bar Primer Piso'' with a brand-new concept. At the time when people could eat and hang out with friends. A year later he was chosen to be the president of CANIRAC (in Spanish Cámara Nacional de la Industria Restaurantera y Alimentos Condimentados) in the Miguel Hidalgo district. He was the youngest member of the association to hold this position, consolidating a strategic relationship of support with other businessmen of the industry.

Currently, Simon is working on his new project, a new Tequila brand that will revolutionize the American market. Today, we will get to know more about Simon’s life and also, we will talk about his new Tequila “Travesuras”.

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How was your first experience undertaking your own business?

After managing La Galvia for 3 years, I decided to start up my own business, it was called La Taberna De León, it was an enriching experience and at the same time I opened El Primer Piso bar. Having those businesses running at the same time allowed me to learn more about the industry of food and beverages, also I was always investigating and learning about new trends, about what people liked at that time.

After 3 years, you became the president of CARNIRAC, was it a big challenge for you?

It was a big challenge! A lot of responsibility, but I could handle it. My parents always taught me about the value of hard work. During my time as president, I could consolidate strong strategic relationships with some of the most important businessmen of our industry branch. Once a month we scheduled meetings to talk about new strategies, new trends that allowed us to exponentially grow our businesses.

What was your next move?

In 2001, I founded Banquetes Atri, one of the most important event companies in Mexico. At present, we provide all kinds of services from Coffee Breaks to big events such as weddings. Then, I created another bar, it was called Il Canto with an innovative concept at that time, we had live shows. There, new artists could perform their new songs. Then I opened a Disco called Ibiza in the most exclusive part of Mexico City. I was part of the construction of the Grand Hotel in Mexico City. Another of my projects was CORBEX, in 2010 we built a corporate dining room in one of the most important corporations of the country, Samara. We provided nourishing food to the workers, 1500 meals per day and then we expanded the brand to other 40 multinationals, serving 25000 meals per day. I sold the company in 2014 to a multinational.

Tell me more about Tequila Travesuras, how was this new brand born?

Well, the story begins back in 2019, we had the vision to undertake in the Tequila business, we wanted to change and revolutionize the market of this drink that dates back from prehispanic times in Mexico. At the beginning everything was just a dream, however our love of Mexico and our gains joined with our resolution, the project progressed and took shape. Now, we’re bargaining with the most important distributors of the country and at the same time, we’re creating a dream team with Spirit business experts from Texas, California, Florida, New York and Arizona.

Why did you choose Travesuras?

We chose Travesuras as a synonym of adventure, confidence, game and happiness. This tequila will remain deep in your memory as a moment of happiness, filled with smiles and with Mexican flavor.

What is the purpose of Tequila Travesuras?

The purpose of Tequila Travesuras is to diffuse this rich culture around the world, our tequila invites the people to taste new experiences and take the chance to taste new flavors.

How did you choose the bottle’s design?

The design of our bottle evokes the Mexican culture in a different way, a minimalist, eye-catching and avant-gardist way. After looking for various proposals, the design and the colors born spontaneously and they convinced us immediately. We were looking at the beautiful agave (a plant that is located in Mexican deserts) in our bottle and it was congruent with our image and personality.

How did you figure out that the flavor was the one you were looking for?

The selection of profiles was complex but at the same time funny, we made numerous trips to the town of Tequila, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. We were working with tequila experts to find the perfect balance of flavors in order to create a unique, exquisite, sophisticated and special flavor. The challenge of creating an original product in a big and developed market was monumental. We had to survey a unique feature and this was the way the 100% natural fruit infusions were born, with low calories it was a differential feature that was developed exclusively for the US market, and it will be available at the beginning of 2022.

Finally, what advice would you give our audience?

Life is built of moments and decisions. My advice for them would be to take the risk; if you don’t risk, you won’t know what you’re capable of doing. Also, I invite you to build big moments, accomplish all your dreams, make thousands of new stories. We must make Travesuras, Tequila Traversuras crafted for you.

For sure, an inspiring man who is leaving his mark on the world, we will sure hear more about Simon Atri in the coming years!

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