Simon Atri and His Inspiring Story

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From corporate events to food & beverages, even the real-estate industry and Showbiz, Simon has acquired experience combined with his powerful mindset and his leadership skills. He is one of the most relevant businessmen in the region, with 25 years of experience starting from scratch many businesses in 20 different industry branches, like hotels, restaurants, bars, luxury venues, retail stores, real estate, angel investor and many more. His story has inspired thousands in Latin America to follow their goals and dreams.

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Starting at a young age, Simon had his first foray in the business world in his family restaurant as a dishwasher, then as a waiter and after 3 years he took office as the general manager of the restaurant La Galvia, which is still considered as one of the best restaurants in the history of Mexico City. At the age of 22 he started a new business from the bottom called La Taberna De Leon in southern Mexico City and at the same time he opened a new place, “Bar Primer Piso'' with a brand-new concept, at that time, where people could eat and hang out with friends. A year later he was chosen as president of CANIRAC (in Spanish Cámara Nacional de la Industria Restaurantera y Alimentos Condimentados) in the Miguel Hidalgo district. He was the youngest member of the association to hold this position, consolidating a strategic relationship of support among the businessmen of the industry.

Now, Simon lives in the United States. He is the owner of One Event Place, a leading company of High-End events and Catering in Mexico. One Event realizes more than 500 events a year and still holds the record of making the biggest high-end event, with more than 4000 people served. They have served the most important celebrities in the world and have more than 300 employees. In just 3 years, it is now leading the high-end events and banquets, serving in their own facilities at the most luxurious hotels and lounges in South Florida. We will know more about Simon, his life and his future projects

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When did you take the decision to migrate to the US?

It was in 2016, at that moment I decided it was time for a change of airs and I decided to move to Miami. At that time, I was asked for a consulting service for the Jewish community in the South of Florida, for a synagogue in South Florida. They tried to build an event saloon, the most luxurious event venue with a structure of 50,000 square feet.

How did you become a professional speaker?

I’ve given more than 100 lectures since I was 30 years old in different forums for entrepreneurs, businessmen and senior managers. During the pandemic, EXMA invited me to be certified as an international speaker.

I discovered that facet in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic: I realized that it was time to change my life. So, then I began to develop healthy habits such as meditation, yoga, sports, and a nourishing diet. Then, I noticed that many others came to me looking for advice, for help. I understood this was a great opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others. Currently, I'm a professional speaker and mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs who want to take their companies to the next level with my methodology called PUM PA’RRIBA.

What does the PUM PA’RRIBA methodology consist of?

The secret of this methodology consists in working directly with the person. That is the reason why the turnout at my conferences is increasing with many people coming to look for advice. In my program, I include other themes such as discipline, balance, time management, how to establish your goals, your mission, and motivation. During this time, I have helped many businesses to grow based on investigation and sharing my experience. This methodology has helped various companies to expand their horizons and take the step to the next level.

How was your first entrepreneurship experience?

My first experiences were in La Galvia and Bar Il Canto, which I put at the peak of the restaurant industry. With La Taberna de Leon and El Primer Piso bar, it was a rewarding experience. I was able to put in reality my ideas, to be innovative and grow the business.

How would you describe the challenge of being president of CARNIRAC at only 23 years of age?

It was a big challenge! A lot of responsibility, but I could handle it. My parents always taught me about the value of hard work. During my time as president, I could consolidate a strong strategic relationship with some of the most important businessmen of our industry branch. Once a month we scheduled meetings to talk about new strategies, new trends. That allowed us to exponentially grow our businesses.

What was the next step for Simon Atri?

The next step I took was to open a new bar. I called it “Il Canto” . It was a seedbed for new talents and at the same time one of the most exclusive places in Mexico City. After that, in 2001, I founded Banquetes Atri, one of the leading-companies in Mexico by exclusively franchising the food and beverages in the area of the Maguen David Jewish Center, one of the biggest community centers in Latin America. More than 500 events per year, providing a variety of services from Coffee Breaks for more than 4000 people. In 2010, I started up a new project called CORBEX and built up a corporate dining room in one of the most important corporations of the country, Samara, to provide an added value service to the corporations that occupied the offices. It became a key part in the development of the project by achieving important contracts to offer nourishing food to the workers, 1500 meals per day and then expanding the company to 40 other multinationals with 40 corporate dining rooms and serving 25000 meals per day. Some years later, I sold the company to a multinational.

What other businesses have you undertook?

I opened a Disco called Ibiza in the most exclusive part of Mexico City, I was part in the construction of the Grand Hotel in Mexico City in 2012, and currently I am a consultant for Bosque Real where we have made investments and built luxurious mansions and my team is who is operating the biggest clubhouses of Latin America with a PGA 18-Hole golf court and another 9-Hole executive field, the clubhouse offers more than 50 activities for children and adults, arts and leisure, with more than 1200 employees. Now, we are one of the most important real-estate companies in Latin America. I also developed 4 buildings in Mexico and built several high-level houses. I am a partner and advisor of a fund that is focused on the purchase of real-estate, multi-family, shopping centers in different states of the United States.

Tell me about your new project, Tequila Travesuras. How was the idea born?

Well, the story begins back in 2019, we had the vision to undertake in the Tequila business, we wanted to change and revolutionize the market of this drink that dates back to pre-hispanic times in Mexico. At the beginning everything was just a dream. However, our love for Mexico and our desire joined with our resolution, the project progressed and took shape. Now, we’re bargaining with the most important distributors of the country and at the same time, we’re creating a dream team with Spirit business experts from Texas, California, Florida, New York and Arizona.

Why did you choose Travesuras?

We chose Travesuras as a synonym of adventure, confidence, game and happiness. This tequila will remain deep in your memory as a moment of happiness, filled with smiles and with Mexican flavor.

What is the motivation behind Tequila Travesuras?

Our motivation for Tequila Travesuras is to diffuse this rich culture around the world. Our tequila invites the people to make new experiences and take the chance to taste new flavors.

Are you working on any other projects besides Tequila Travesuras?

I’m working on a new project that, if everything goes as planned, will be launched at the beginning of 2022. The project is to launch my own TV program that would be transmitted weekly on different platforms which I cannot reveal until everything is confirmed.

Finally, what advice would you give for our audience?

Life is built of moments and decisions, my advice for them would be to take the risk. If you don’t take risks, you won’t know what you’re capable of doing. Also, I invite you to build big moments, accomplish all your dreams, make thousands of new stories. We must make Travesuras, Tequila Traversuras is crafted for you.

Undoubtedly, an inspiring story that shows the results of years of hard work, effort, resolution and motivation. For sure we will hear more about Simon Atri, a man who is leaving his landmarks to inspire the future generations.

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