Shuhada Shukri explains hefty price of her cookies selections



21 Mar – Shuhada Shukri recently responded to criticisms regarding her cookies product, Shelup Shelup, after some netizens lamented about the hefty price.

The businesswoman and estranged wife to actor Hafidz Roshdi, stated that the reason for the price of cookies, which is currently sold at RM179 per box is due to the fact that there are six types of cookies in one box, all made with premium ingredients.

"If you do the math, I made six selections of cookies that can be dipped in three bowls of dipping sauce. There are also two boxes of crumbs for dipping as well to add to the extra crunch. So, how many possible combinations is that? Reply in the comments if you still remember your secondary school subject," she joked.

Shuhada revealed that the three dipping flavours are Milky Chocolato (milk chocolate), Bueno Bueno (with Kinder Bueno hazelnut white chocolate flavour) as well as caramel sauce, that she likened to those served at a five-star hotel.

"Even the crumbs are not your typical crumbs. We use Biscoff and Oreo. You can even dip in to the two crumbs. Those two are not cheap. When I said premium, I give you premium," she added.

Shuhada added that the price is not for an individual, but that the whole box can be shared with family, and that she would release a single flavour pack only after Eid.

Despite her explanation, netizens still expressed their concern about the price, with one saying that Shuhada should have done market research before selling cookies with such hefty pricing.

Another netizen also suggested for her to sell the single flavour pack first to get the idea of which product would get the best reception.

"I believe that a lot of people want to support you but would not be able to afford it with that price," the netizen added.




That looks delish!
That looks delish!


(Photo Source: Shuhada Shukri IG)