Shirley Yeung doing better since accident

Heidi Hsia
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9 Apr – Shirley Yeung recently assured that she is okay, after previously injuring her head and neck in a traffic accident.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who made an appearance to promote ViuTV's show recently, stated that she still has some neck pain and had experienced dizziness for four days after the accident, but otherwise in good spirits.

"We were very lucky this time. While I did get injured, my mother and the children are fine. My daughter was very lucky. She usually likes to rest her head on the window, but she didn't do it this time. Otherwise the consequences would be dire," she said.

Shirley was admitted to the hospital following the accident
Shirley was admitted to the hospital following the accident

Shirley also revealed that she had to cancel several jobs after the accident as she had to get treatment at the hospital and to recuperate. However, the actress kept mum on the total loss, saying that her family's safety is more important.

"The airbag popped out when the accident happened, and my daughter was scared by it. I had to comfort her," she said.

As for now, the actress said that she will be consulting the doctor every two weeks while also getting acupuncture and other traditional medications.

Shirley with her daughter, Krystal
Shirley with her daughter, Krystal

(Photo Source: Shirley Yeung Instagram)