Shing Mak: There is no awkwardness with Sisley Choi

14 Jul – Actor-choreographer Shing Mak recently assured that everything is fine between him and former girlfriend Sisley Choi.

As reported on Mingpao, the dancer, who was spotted at the birthday bash of TVB Executive Virginia Lok where both Sisley and her rumoured boyfriend Hubert Wu were also attending last week, stated that he considered both of them his colleagues and that there was no awkwardness between them.

"I am happy to remain friends with Sisley. But I never asked about the gossip between her and Hubert," he said.

It is noted that Sisley finally admitted to her past romance with Shing Mak in an interview last month, several years after they broke up - saying that it ended as she just wanted to focus on her career.

When mentioned that Sisley had spoken earlier about her struggle with mental health, Shing stated that the actress seemed okay the night they saw each other.

"I think she is doing much better now. She had a lot of pressure at work and being a public figure before. It had nothing to do with our breakup," he said.

(Photo Source: Shing Mak Instagram)