Shi Nian, rebranding of the famous Lin Ji Pig Trotter Rice, opens at Old Airport Road Food Centre

Lin Ji Pig Trotter Rice was the talk of the town when it opened back in 2019. After learning the ropes from a local Chinese chef in China, they decided to recreate this spectacular dish that caters to the Singaporean palate.

Now, after rebranding to Shi Nian (石年), the popular stall that is loved by many has opened at Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Shi Nian 1

Located at the haven of good food (and honestly the best hawker in Singapore), it is expected that they’ve garnered a long queue of customers.

Many have commented that they’re the “best of the best”, considering how they differ from the traditional flavours of pig trotter rice. It is usually heavier and saltier in flavour, but Shi Nian does up a lighter version that keeps it palatable for the whole community.

Freshly opened on 10 Jan 2023, they were already many patrons that were excited about the new addition to their neighbourhood.

Shi Nian 2

A bowl of spectacular Pig Trotter Rice costs S$5.90. You can opt for lean meat or trotter, but since they specialise in pig trotter, why not get the latter! These gelatinous slices of pork are cooked till meltingly soft and tender. But one thing that leaves people coming for more is their braised sauce, so next time, try asking for more.

Shi Nian 3

They also have side dishes that you can consider getting like the Swirly Intestine (S$9), Large Intestine (S$5) and Prawn Cakes (S$4.90) (if you don’t fancy innards). Those who might not be filled from their rice bowls can opt for these, or order another bowl of rice for S$1! If you need more vegetable options, they also include Salted Vegetables (S$2) in their menu.

The family business also owns Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu and Nic and Tom Eatery (少年食堂), building a whole list of 13 eateries that locals truly love and enjoy.

While many of you might not want to come to the East to try out Shi Nian’s Pig Trotter Rice, not to worry. They’ve recently opened another outlet at the newest addition to the West— Senja Hawker Centre.

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