Sheren Tang shares thoughts on choosing projects

3 Oct - Sheren Tang recently took to social media to explain how she approached one project after the other, amid reports that she has declined to star in the fourth instalment of her hit drama, "Rosy Business".

The actress, who reportedly will be replaced by Nancy Wu in the fourth series, posted a long message on social media, saying that she has always been the type to follow her instinct, that she will not continue with a relationship or taking a job assignment if there is something about it that'd bother her.

"My experience: before filming a certain scene, I objected to some unhealthy ideas about the content of the story. The producer compromised on the plot but I ended up in a very unpleasant situation. I will never forget this lesson and I have always used it to remind myself. Since then, I no longer prioritised my career. I have learned to take care of my physical, mental and spiritual health," she said.

Sheren also stated that she no longer compromises on unfair treatment, unreasonable working conditions and collaborate with people who don't respect professionalism.

"Since I was young, my values have been that I work diligently and conscientiously in the hope that I can use my efforts to gain recognition for my work ability and be more respected. However, in the real world, things often backfire, but you don't need to care too much about what others think, because your heart is strong enough," she added.

The actress has been doing well working in mainland China
The actress has been doing well working in mainland China

(Photo Source: Sheren Tang IG)