Shawn Yue and girlfriend on "the right direction"

23 Nov – Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue was all smiles when asked about his love life recently, and told the media that he has an agreement with girlfriend Sarah Wang when it comes to their relationship.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who made an appearance at the press conference of his new movie, "The Brink" recently, shared that when it comes to marriage, the two of them are heading towards the same direction.

"We will get married when the time comes," he said, adding that he is not ruling out a flash wedding, adding, "For the meantime, we are satisfied with the status quo. I don't want to be greedy."

Shawn also praised Sarah for being an understanding girlfriend.

"I had been filming in the mainland for a few months before, and we didn't get to see each other the whole time. But she never complained," he said.

Thus, Shawn said that he hopes to spend as much time with her as he could before starting his new project early next year.

(Photo Source: Sina)