Sharon Kwok charged for allowing son to drive without HK license

Heidi Hsia

15 Dec – Sharon Kwok has been subsequently punished by the law for allowing her son Andrew Pong to drive without a valid license in Hong Kong.

As reported on Mingpao, the former actress was charged of two counts of "accepting or allowing driving without a driver's license" and "causing or allowing others to use the vehicle without insurance", after she allowed her son to drive her car despite not having said license nor a Third Party Insurance policy.

Sharon, who was not seen at the court, pleaded guilty via her lawyer and was fined HKD 4,300. Her license was also suspended for 12 months.

Andrew was stopped by the police at a roadblock in Wan Chai in the early morning of April after being found to have been driving with only a United States' driver's license and no Third Party Insurance.

He was sentenced to a 60-hour social service for the two charges, and will neither be allowed to drive nor apply for a driver's license for 12 months.

Andrew later admitted that he was being negligent and impatient despite knowing that he has to wait a little more time for his Hong Kong license to be issued.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)