Sharon Cuneta stars in Darryl Yap's "Revirginized"

Heidi Hsia
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2 Mar – Sharon Cuneta recently revealed that she is filming a new movie with Viva Films titled "Revirginized".

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who spoke about her new film project helmed by Darryl Yap, stated that she didn't mind at all being directed by someone new in the industry.

"When I made "Crying Ladies", the producer Tony Gloria surprised the director Mark Meily by not telling him I will star in the movie. It was Mark's first directorial job and he also wrote the script, just like Darryl now," she said.

Cuneta also added that she has always considered the director as the captain of the ship and will respect them no matter if they are new or not.

"I've seen Darryl's movie, ["Gusto Ko Maging Pornstar"], and I can see he knows what he's doing. I like to be on happy sets and the set we have now is a very happy one," she enthused.

Sharon Cuneta became a star at a young age and she has no regrets
Sharon Cuneta became a star at a young age and she has no regrets

As for her character, Cuneta stated that she plays a woman who becomes a mother at 16 and was finally able to experience everything that she did not get to do when she was younger.

"I can relate to her because I got married at 18 and my world was just shooting and doing my TV show. I was robbed of my privacy and anonymity, but I don't regret it," she added.

The upcoming movie also stars Albert Martinez and Cristina Gonzales. The highlights will be shot in Subic this March.

(Photo Source: Sharon Cuneta Instagram)