Shake Shack releases new Singapore-only Sambal Mayo menu

It's time to A-sambal the gang, we're going to Shake Shack to check out their limited time menu inspired by the iconic sambal dishes of Singapore.

The menu is launched in collaboration with chef Jeremy Nguee, co-founder of Batu Lesung Spice Company, who crafted the Sambal Mayo sauce exclusively for Shake Shack.

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Video transcript



- Mm, how spicy.


- We are kind of expecting Nasi Lemak here, but there's no minced beef in Nasi Lemak. The closest you have is Beef Rendang, but this is not Rendang.


- This one's very good.

- OK.


- It has elements of Nasi Lemak, but it's not Nasi Lemak. And I'm fine with it.