Set Your Alarm. It's Time For 'The Morning Show' Season 3.

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Set Your Alarm—'The Morning Show' Season 3 Is HereApple TV+

Things are heating up on The Morning Show. Once the flagship Apple TV+ series loosely based on the Matt Lauer Good Morning America scandal, The Morning Show has quickly evolved into something more. Season Three ushers in new challenges for co-hosts Alex (Jennifer Anniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), following the show's tackling of #MeToo and the Covid-19 pandemic.

This season began with some major drama, after the news station was hit by a mysterious cyberattack. As with any data leak, hidden secrets about the show come to light, and Alex and Bradley get caught in the mayhem. Judging by the trailer for the new season, there seems to be some Succession-esque plotting underway—with a new character (played by Jon Hamm) interested in purchasing the news network. "We are flirting with financial disaster," CEO Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) tells Alex in the trailer. "We need someone with more money than God."

In this week's episode, “White Noise,” an important contract negotiation becomes public and divides the station. The leaked information causes The Morning Show's employees to form unlikely alliances. Amidst the chaos, Chris, a new and scrappy journalist, gets her big break.

You can tune in tomorrow, September 20, to see how the episode shakes out. If you’re a bit behind, don’t worry—you can watch previous episodes on Apple TV+. While you’re at it, check out our streaming guide below for instructions on how to watch The Morning Show.

Where Can I Watch The Morning Show?

The first two episodes of Season Three are already available to watch on Apple TV+, with the remaining six episodes arriving weekly every Wednesday. Deep Impact director Mimi Leder will continue to helm the series, alongside Hillary Clinton's former press secretary Jay Carson and Bates Motel producer Kerry Ehrin.

When Does Each Episode of The Morning Show Season Three Air?

There are eight episodes in Season Three of The Morning Show, with six remaining after the initial two-episode debut on September 13, 2023. We'll keep this list updated as more details emerge.

Episode One: “The Kármán Line” (September 13)

Episode Two: “Ghost in the Machine” (September 13)

Episode Three: “White Noise” (September 20)

Episode Four: TBA (September 27)

Episode Five: TBA (October 4)

Episode Six: TBA (October 11)

Episode Seven: TBA (October 18)

Episode Eight: TBA (October 25)

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