Semi-retired singer Wawa performs at "Sing! China"

12 Aug - Taiwanese singer Jin Zhi-juan, also known as Wawa, made a surprise recently by appearing at the blind audition of "Sing! China".

As reported on Sina, the former member of QiuQiu Chorus who faded out from the industry in 2000 to focus on her family life, performed the song, "Where Did the Time Go?", but failed to make it to the next level when none of the coaches, including her senior, Na Ying, decided not to press the button.

The coaches did acknowledge Jin after the performance, with Jay Chou saying that he grew up listening to her music.

"It doesn't matter if they didn't press the button," said Jin after the show. "I just wanted to use this platform to say hello, I am still here."

Jin said that one of the reasons that she decided to make an appearance was because she is grateful that her song, "Across the Sea to Meet You" was often performed in the audition.

As to why she has been away from the industry, Jin said that she gave birth to her first child in 2000, and made the decision to focus on motherhood instead.

When asked if her family is upset that she failed the audition, Jin responded, "My husband was happy because it means that I can go home instead of participate in the show for a long time."

As to whether she would be participating in such shows again in the future, Jin responded lightheartedly, "As long as my husband is willing to let me have a few days off from cooking dinner."

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