Will There Be a 'Selling the OC' Season 3?

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Selling the OC's second season just dropped on Netflix. Whether you've already enjoyed all eight episodes or are still penciling a viewing session into your calendar, you're likely eager to know the status of season three. Although it's early days, we have a few details about the next installment of the luxury real estate reality show. Here's everything we know so far.

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Will There Be a Selling the OC Season 3?

Yes! Selling the OC was actually renewed for seasons two and three at the same time. Netflix announced the exciting news in January 2023.

When Is the Release Date?

There's no release date for the third season yet. The first season premiered in August 2022, and the second was released in September 2023. If the pattern continues, it's likely the third season will drop around late summer or early fall of 2024.

Who Will Be Part of the Cast?

It seems likely that everyone in the second season will also appear in the third season. As a refresher, that Alexandra-heavy list includes Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Alexandra Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Ali Harper, Tyler Stanaland, Polly Brindle, Lauren Shortt, Kayla Cardona, Gio Helou, Brandi Marshall, Sean Palmieri, and Austin Victoria.

While Brett technically left The Oppenheim Group to start his own brokerage, it seems as though he'll continue making quick appearances on the show. That being said, there's still a chance he might bow out of the next season.

As far as new cast members go, none have been announced for season three. But we're not ruling out surprise future additions, seeing as Ali Harper's appearance in season two wasn't included in the original renewal announcement of the series.

What Can We Expect in Season 3?

Season two left viewers with a few questions that we'll hopefully get answers to in the next installment. For starters, are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland in a relationship? Will Ali Harper secure her real estate license in California and officially join The O Group? Will any broken friendships be mended? Will the whirlwind drama eventually lead to cast member exits along the line Christine Quinn's flight from Selling Sunset? Stay tuned!

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