Self-Taught Photographer, Shareef Saadi Launches Sensible Pixels: A Beginner-Friendly eBook on Camera Skills

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Shareef Saadi, a self-taught digital artist, and still-life photographer from Nazareth (Middle East), found his love for the digital arts at a very young age. Born on November 26th, 1992, Shareef’s first brush with the digital arts centered around filmmaking. His passion and dedication to creating short films won him a short film competition at his local school in 2010. This kick-started the realization that you don’t need the best equipment to create exceptional digital art, so he went out and purchased his first DSLR camera in 2011.

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With no traditional training in photography, Shareef began shooting photographs around his house. Equipped with a beginner-friendly DSLR camera, and a ton of experience in using PhotoShop (since 2005), Shareef began snapping shots of items in his daily life, editing them, and sharing them across his social media channels.

From here, he learned quickly that if he flipped the lens on his camera (called a reverse lens), he could make small subjects become huge. This is when he learned about macro shots, the close-up photography of small subjects. Despite not having a special macro lens, he challenged himself to learn the patience, focus, and stillness needed to capture these life-sized moments.

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Over the last 10 years, Shareef Saadi has fine-tuned his camera skills, learned the fundamentals of photography, and improved his editing prowess by retouching photographs in PhotoShop. As a result, he has awe-inspiring collections across portrait, landscape, and macro-photography fields. His gallery includes portraits, cinematic, landscape, nature-based, and macro-photography, which you can view here.

Now, he’d like to share everything he has learned with young photographers who are looking to learn the basics surrounding camera types, photography fields, and editing. The great thing about his new e-book, Sensible Pixels (Kindle - Amazon) is that anyone with an interest for photography or digital art can pick this read up. You don’t need high-end equipment, just the patience to learn, and the dedication to develop your own unique brand of photography.

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