Selena Lee returns to "Barrack O'Karma" set for music video

11 Feb – Selena Lee has recently returned to the set of her hit 2019 series, "Barrack O'Karma" - not to film the sequel, but to shoot a music video.

As reported on HKET, in a video shared by the actress, Selena could be seen walking around the building from the said series and revealed that she was filming the music video for "Second Destiny", her first collaboration with Gabriel Harrison, whom she worked with in the TVB series, "Forensic Heroes IV".

Speaking about recording the song with Gabriel, Selena stated that the experience was different than of shooting a series.

"It's a breakthrough for me. Gabriel also gave me a lot of encouragement and advice, which really helps relieve a lot of pressure," she said.

As for Gabriel, the singer stated that he was thankful to Selena for her acting tips and advice when they were filming their series and music video together.

On the other hand, Gabriel's record label Sky Team stated that it will not rule out any further collaborations with Selena in the future, stressing that the actress really had a lot of chemistry with the said singer.

(Photo Source: Hket)