Scorpio Rising Celebs Give "Intense" a Whole New Meaning

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If you're familiar with the Scorpio Rising M.O., then you might consider the idea of a "Scorpio Rising celebrity" to be quite contradictory. Your Rising sign (or Ascendant) is the part of your birth chart that shows which zodiac sign was on the Eastern horizon at the moment you were born. It indicates a lot about how your outward social personality, and how major planetary transits can affect you. When your Rising sign is Scorpio, this can usually make someone who's a tad guarded with an air of mystery. Sure, not qualities you'd initially think would align with life in the public eye.

But with a Scorpio Rising also comes magnetism, intensity, and fiery passion, plus determination to the highest degree (they're ruled by Mars, after all). So, it's actually pretty on brand that Scorpio Risings get thrust into the spotlight due to excellence in their respective career field. A number of Hollywood's most prominent (and dare I say divisive) stars were born with Scorpio on their Ascendant, and you can bet that they're out here making headlines and history, in true transformational Scorpio fashion. Look ahead, where we've rounded up the biggest names out here repping Scorpio Risings.

Justin Bieber

JB has got that resident Scorpio Rising stare game on lock. His constant career/personal transformation is pretty on brand for this constantly evolving placement, too. Scorpio Risings are also very into seeking longterm commitments, romantic or otherwise, so he and Hailey's union has him all set.

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Frank Ocean

Frank's double Scorpio Sun and Rising are a good explainer for why he's not exactly the most talkative online. But his lyrics? Proof that he's tapped into his emotional flow, like a true water sign. Ahem: "This love will keep us blinded by the eyes, silence in the ears, darkness of the mind." A Scorpio-bred production!

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Taylor Swift

Two words: ERAS. TOUR. As in a whole era dedicated to the fact that she's run through starkly different eras. It's just too on point for her Scorpio Rising. Can I also just jump into Tay-lore (lol) and note that her whole revenge arc during the Reputation album period was essentially a Scorpio Rising's definition of self-care? Exposing your enemies and illuminating their misconduct...all right on par for this sign.

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Lana Del Rey

As a Cancer Sun with a Scorpio Rising, the fact that Lana's music stirs up people's deep emo side is no real surprise. She knows how to force folks to FEEL. Lana's astro placements were actually a pretty big subject of debate online until she made a huge Twitter reveal back in 2019 to settle the discourse. To all of those who correctly guessed she possessed a Scorpio Rising, we salute you. (Although I can't say it wasn't obvious.)

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Nicole Kidman

This movie star/AMC mascot has portrayed every type of scorned wife imaginable. That, my friends, is Scorpio-core. She knows how to to emanate coy and all-knowing vibes in basically every interview. (See here.) Hence why her AMC ad does feel a tinge more powerful than it was likely intended to be.

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Jaden Smith

The tweets. Just look through the ominous tweets and let the math keep math-ing. Slightly unrelated but the "Never Say Never" lyric, "I was born from two stars so the Moon's where I land?" King of acknowledging nepotism. No notes.

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Tom Cruise

No matter where your feelings lie on Mr. Cruise, (and yes, in true Scorpio Rising fashion, there's a noticeably divided public stance concerning him), he is a box office legend. This Scorpio Ascendant has *such* a commanding aura, and that translates well in life as a leading man. Ya picked a good career path, Tom.

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Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

Prince George

Look, he's out here living his life as a king-to-be, but if we had to guess? That Scorpio Rising has set him up to handle demanding, emotionally-charged environments with grace. If The Crown's any indication, that seems to be how royal life rolls.

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Jim Carrey

Amongst the countless public appearances he's made as a Famous Person, Jim's most Scorpio Rising moment has got to be this nihilistic Fashion Week interview. This placement is big on the whole "question everything" thing.

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Now, this artist makes headlines for many reasons (the relationship with a certain now former Twitter CEO was def one), but the true Scorpio rising clue-in is her music. Please watch the "Kill v. Maim" video for further reference.

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Jennifer Coolidge

As if this lineup couldn't get more iconic! This woman is nothing less than a gift to society, and her resident squint deserves a spot in the Scorpio Stare Hall of Fame (no a thing yet, but it should be).

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Liam Payne

Is it a little interesting that the member of 1D with a prominent placement in mysterious Scorpio was the first to do a tell-all interview? Yes! But boy, do Scorpio Risings respect "keeping it real."

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Lily-Rose Depp

And once more let us celebrate the intimidating intensity of a stare down with a Scorpio Rising! Does it feel like she can see your soul through the screen? 'Cause that would stand to reason.

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For your notes: She would like to apologize in advance for her astrological setup, which is a chart that features not one, not two, but three major Scorpio placements.

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Rachel McAdams

Something to be said about Rachel and her roles: This woman is DYNAMIC. She played Regina George in Mean Girls and Allie from The Notebook in the same calendar year. That's Scorpio RANGE.

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