Did ‘Saved By The Bell’ inspire Chanel’s top new season accessory?


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If you’ve seen Chanel’s SS17 collection, which was debuted at Paris Fashion Week this week, you may’ve noticed something a bit different. The normally preppy brand seems to have had a very retro make-over. Low side ponytails? Check. Pastel pink lips? Check. Bit too much blush? Most certainly there.

The rainbow colours, neon patterns and 90s vibes just kept on coming. And then, just to top it all off, the sidewards baseball caps made an appearance. Look familiar?


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Many of us haven’t seen a hat worn in such a quirky position since the the TV show ‘Saved By The Bell’ last aired. In fact, many of the outfits look like they would fit perfectly in the halls of Bayside High.

This wouldn’t be the first time it’s been suggested Karl Lagerfeld has taken inspiration from one of our beloved 90s show.

The French fashion house’s AW16 collection put a smile on all of our faces thanks to their nod to Hilary Banks’ ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ wardrobe.

It seems even Lagerled is partial to some good old nostalgia. Although, we can’t really imagine him binge-watching 90s TV shows in his dressing gown with a cuppa.

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