Sarah Jessica Parker Fans Are NOT Happy About Her Wallpaper in 'And Just Like That...'

Sarah Jessica Parker fans have a lot to say about the evolution of her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. As viewers catch up on the season two finale of And Just Like That…, they're currently zeroed in on one feature that's garnering mixed reactions: her teal floral wallpaper.

While the wallpaper has been featured in her Upper East Side apartment since the first season of the show, fans continue to discover that the pattern is part of a wallpaper collection created by SJP and her interior designer Eric Hughes. Available through Wallshoppe, the collection includes endless color variations of the floral wallpaper along with plaid patterns, bold graphics, and other surprising designs such as laundry clothespins and bells.

sarah jessica parker
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In a Reddit thread, fans discussed the wallpaper selection—which also happens to be featured in the key art for the show's second season. "What bothers me is that the wallpaper that is shown is also sold by SJP," one viewer wrote.

They went on to note that they're not sure why it annoys them and that this is something they're still trying to work out mentally. They continued: "Maybe because she already gets paid one million per episode it feels a bit greedy? IDK? Or maybe what I’m really feeling is envious? And I should just go buy her beautiful wallpaper?!!"

sarah jessica parker
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Other Reddit users responded to the comment, calling the wallpaper distracting because they knew it was part of a collection SJP was involved in. Some simply stated that they don't really like it, with a few going so far as to call it ugly.

sarah jessica parker
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The discussion led to a broader conversation about product placement in movies and TV. Many viewers don't appreciate very obvious signs of it. One fan theorized that Carrie named her cat Shoe instead of a specific shoe designer’s name because she has her own shoe line. "One of the interviews she did leading up to this season, they are walking in NYC and just 'happen' to end up at the SJP store," they added. "I still don't find that as obnoxious as Chipotle, Grub Hub, Spanx, and especially Apple being rammed down our throats."

But others have no problem with it. After all, plenty of celebrities take the opportunity to feature their own products in their shows, on red carpets, and in their homes. What's wrong with the idea that, if you created something and want to share it with the world, you should continue to get it out there in any way you can?

The wallpaper is simply a pattern without a distinct logo, so we're not sure what the fuss is about. But those who aren't too fond of this line can take comfort in knowing that the show has featured other wallpapers, including a Phillip Jeffries wallcovering that was used in Carrie and Big's apartment.

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