Sandy Lau apologises for sharing a shot from "I'm Livin' It"

21 Jan – Former Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau recently apologised for sharing a shot of a scene from the special screening of the Aaron Kwok and Miriam Yeung movie, "I'm Livin' It" on social media.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked a few days ago when Sandy attended the special screening alongside husband, Feng Shui practitioner Lee Shing Chak. Several photos from the event were later uploaded on Lee's social media account, including one of him and Sandy with lead actress Miriam Yeung.

The caption read, "It's touching and great. Come support Hong Kong movies."

However, netizens noticed that one of the photos that were uploaded was a shot inside the theatre, which showed a scene between Aaron and Miriam.

One netizen commented that taking a photo during a movie is in violation of piracy rules and regulations, and the perpetrator could be charged with a maximum penalty of a HKD 50,000 fine and three months imprisonment.

Speaking to the media about the issue, Sandy revealed that the said photo had been removed after they realised the mistake. She also admitted to be the one who uploaded the photo, and not her husband.

"My husband's social media account is usually handled by me. I was just trying to support my friends. But I immediately deleted the post as soon as we were notified. I really am sorry," she added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)