Sammy Leung denies CRHK cancelled awards due to "Glory To Hong Kong"

Heidi Hsia

6 Dec– Sammy Leung recently dismissed speculations that Commercial Radio has cancelled the live event of its annual awards, the Ultimate Song Chart Awards due to the possibility of the controversial song, "Glory to Hong Kong" winning the 2019 Favourite Song.

As reported on Mingpao, the Commercial Radio DJ, who spoke to the media about the cancellation, admitted that he was a bit disappointed after hearing the news as he was looking forward to it.

"Considering the safety of the audience and the performers, I heard it had something to do with insurance," he added.

Asked if the cancellation is linked to the aforementioned song and Commercial Radio's concern that the song's victory would affect its license renewal, Sammy said that there shouldn't be any problem at all even if such a song won.

"There are two similar awards, one is professional recommendation based on the play rate, and the other is audience vote. During the Umbrella Movement period, there were also sensitive songs that won awards, so I don't think the cancellation is related to any song in particular," he said.

Written by a musician using the pseudonym "Thomas dgx yhl", "Glory to Hong Kong" is a Cantonese march that has been widely adopted as the anthem of these protests. Some even regarded it as the "national anthem of Hong Kong".

(Photo Source: Sammy Leung Facebook)