Sammy Leung creates "self-isolation centre" at home

25 Mar – After having his parents and his son go into quarantine to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, Sammy Leung decided to turn his home into a "self-isolation centre".

As reported on Mingpao, the radio and TV personality posted a photo showing the said "isolation corner", where a small table was placed in front of son Lancelot's door. On it, Sammy put out several important items for the quarantine, including a container filled with face masks as well as disinfectant.

He also used decorative adhesive tape to create a line that should not be crossed by other members of the family.

"This is the self-isolation center for my family. Since a member of the family recently returned from overseas, he needed to be isolated in the room. If he is to leave the room to go the bathroom next door, he has to wear a mask," he wrote.

"Several tests will be done throughout the 14 days of isolation. The saliva will be sent to the Department of Health, and we will have to take body temperature. You are welcome to provide isolation tips," he added.

It was just recently that Sammy's 17-year-old son Lancelot returned to Hong Kong from the United Kingdom as the government began to shut down its borders.

(Photo Source: Sammy Leung Instagram)