Sammo Hung returns to HK to pay respect to late actor Chan Sing

17 Dec – Sammo Hung recently made his return to Hong Kong specifically to attend the memorial service of the late senior action actor, Chan Sing, who passed away back in September.

As reported on Mingpao, the martial arts actor, who was reunited with his fellow colleagues like Yasuaki Kurata, Susan Shaw (Siu Yam Yam) and Chin Ka Lok at the service, revealed that he had known Chan since he was 18 or 19-yearsold.

"We worked together in "The Iron-Fisted Monk", where he played the titular character. We spent a lot of time together. But I haven't seen him for nearly 20 years. I contacted him a few months ago, and he told me that he was doing fine, which is why I was surprised after hearing that he has died," he said.

Sammo also revealed that Chan passed away in his sleep, adding, "He went without any pain, but it still saddens me."

"The older you are, the more you miss the days when you worked and lived with friends. I really cherished this friendship," he lamented.

Asked if Chan's passing encourages him to contact his other old friends, Sammo said that it would depend on the situation as he is not in good health himself and shouldn't socialise too much.

Chan Sing passed away in Jakarta, Indonesia at the age of 82.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)