Samantha Ko thanks TVB producer Lee Tim Shing

12 Nov – If there is one TVB producer that plays a big role in Samantha Ko's life, it would be "The Last Steep Ascent" producer Lee Tim Shing.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, revealed that Lee was the first person to have offered her a significant role after years of her playing the same sexy characters in dramas and movies.

"When he asked me to participate in [the aforementioned drama], it was the first role I have that actually had a plot point and did not require me to be sexy all the time. I was given the opportunity to show a serious performance," she said.

Samantha also stated that her role in the drama enabled her to get nominated for the first time in the Most Improved Actor category.

"So that is why I will always be grateful to him," she said.

Aside from Lee, she is also thankful to her co-stars Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan for sharing her acting tips while they were working on "My Unfair Lady" together in 2016.

"I was extremely nervous the first time I acted in a drama. But after working with them, they really helped me from the side. Frankie was also the first actor who really taught me how to perform. After we finished filming the drama, he told me that I did well. I was very happy to hear that," she said.

(Photo Source: Samantha Ko Instagram)