Samantha Ko not perturbed by ex-boyfriend's scandal

3 Jun – Samantha Ko recently stated that she is doing just fine, following multiple reports about her breakup with musician Tang Chi Wai and the latter's supposed relationship with another woman.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who was approached by the media in TVB City while she was on her way to film her new series, "Seven Princesses", declined to confirm whether or not she and Tang were dating and had broken up, stressing that the two of them have always been friends with one another.

Asked if she is worried that a certain Ms. Shen - who recently claimed to have been dating Tang while he was in a relationship with her - would harass her, Samantha stated, "I'd worry about any friends. I hope this matter will be resolved soon."

As to whether Tang has contacted her to communicate about the situation, Samantha stated that she had been working from the day before until 7am, and resumed work after only three hours of sleep.

"There was no time to look at any issue or talk about anything," she added.

She also dismissed the notion that the problem could affect her work, saying that her job is her main priority at the moment.

The issue sparked earlier this week, when a woman by the name of Ms. Shen told the media that she had actually been in a relationship with Tang for several months last year while he was supposedly dating Samantha. However, the musician denied it, saying that the said woman had been harassing him and his colleagues and making up fake evidence to support her claims.

(Photo Source: Samantha Ko Instagram)