Samantha Ko keeps mum on breakup rumours with Tang Chi Wai

6 Mar – TVB actress Samantha Ko neither confirmed nor denied rumours that she has broken up with musician Tang Chi Wai, only that she could not fathom the interest people have in her love life.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress whose breakup rumours was sparked after netizens noticed that she doesn't follow Tang on Instagram, stated, "I don't understand why people pay so much attention to this. I don't usually give any attention to such a thing."

Samantha said that she used to follow more than 600 people on Instagram, and now have reduced it to 323.

"He (Tang Chi Wai) does not follow me [on social media], so there is no need to make things bigger than it is," she added.

Asked to clarify whether the situation has changed, the actress stressed that she doesn't always talk about personal matters and will not break her principle on that.

As to whether she is now single or in a relationship, she responded, "I haven't answered this question for many years."

(Photo Source: Samantha Ko Instagram)