Sabrina Carpenter reveals how her exes inspire everyday outfits

Sabrina Carpenter always dresses as if she's "going to run into her ex".

The 24-year-old star - who has joined Skims as the latest ambassador for Kim Kardashian's lingerie brand - has opened up about her own everyday style, and admitted she keeps one piece of advice close to her heart.

She told W Magazine: "I remember something that someone said to me once.

"It was like, 'Honey, you should always leave the house as if you’re going to run into your ex.' And I’ve followed that advice from that day forward."

When it comes to her sense of style, she takes inspiration from the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and "even young Dolly [Parton]".

She explained: "A lot of the things they wore feel very close to the things that I like to wear now.

"Obviously, I also take a lot from my mom, when she was younger. She used to wear these cute little sets, and I feel like now I’m very much a set girl.

"I find inspiration all over the place. It’s been a minute since I’ve named-dropped Rihanna in an interview, because I told myself I had to slow down, but Rihanna is always one of my main style icons as well."

Howver, the singer, actress and model insisted she doesn't like to define her style with strict labels.

She added: "I’ve always had trouble answering this question, because when you’re a young woman, it can change and fluctuate a lot, and you don’t always want to label it.

"Some days I feel confident in short skirts and tall boots, and other days, I feel more confident in baggy jeans and baggy t-shirts."

When it comes to her style on and off stage, the line between the two isn't as strict as people might assume.

She explained: "I don’t wear what I wear on stage to the grocery store, but I definitely feel comfortable enough in it that I wouldn’t feel weird wearing it to dinner with my friends and family.

"It never feels like I’m putting on this persona and becoming someone else. It still feels like another facet of me."