Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin are having a baby

15 Nov – After much speculations about an unexpected pregnancy, Ruco Chan and wife Phoebe Sin finally confirmed that they are having a baby together.

On 10 November, the TVB actor took to Instagram to share a photo of several word tiles that spells "Ruco Phoebe Baby is Coming".

He wrote, "2018 really is an unforgettable year, and I will soon have another identity! I look forward to your arrival."

Wife Phoebe also shared the same photo on her Instagram page, writing, "Looking forward to the arrival of our little piglet" - referring to the fact their baby will be born in the Chinese year of the pig.

The couple tied the knot in Hong Kong last month after surprising fans with their unexpected engagement in September - sparking rumours that Phoebe was already pregnant at the time.

(Photo Source: Phobe Sin Instagram)