Ruco Chan determined to own more properties

22 Jun – TVB actor Ruco Chan recently revealed that the recent conflict with his previous landlord has made him more determined to work hard and buy his own properties.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor who was accused of damaging a rental unit in Tseung Kwan O his mother resided in before they moved out earlier this year, shared that the case has already been submitted to his lawyer, and that all the follow-ups will now be managed by his legal representatives.

"We have already discussed the most suitable course of action under the circumstances," he said.

When asked if the incident has deterred him from renting again, Ruco stated that not all house owners behave in the same way.

"But it does make me realise that I have to work hard to make money so that I can own some properties," he said.

Ruco also revealed that the owner of the said rental unit has not contacted him since the issue made the news.

(Photo Source: China Press)