RubberBand unperturbed by possible ban in mainland China

11 Nov– Hong Kong band RubberBand (RB) was more than happy to hear the news that their songs might have been banned by the mainland music platforms.

As reported on Epoch Times, the group, who is known for their support of the Hong Kong protests, was recently told that just like Denise Ho, all of their songs are no longer listed on QQ Music and NetEase - possibly blocked by the CCP for political sensitivity.

Speaking to the media about the possible ban, drummer Lai Man Wang said that they are not at all perturbed by it.

"Hong Kong people like RB very much. It has always been our home and our most important market," he added.

As for the possibility of losing the mainland market, Lai said that it only means that mainland fans are going to have one less choice.

"I have no special thought about this. It has no effect on us. We rarely played in mainland China anyway," he added.

When asked to share a message with fans, he expressed, "Live the life you love. Love the life you live."

(Photo Source: Timeout)