Roxanne Tong wants to play a tough character

20 Jan – Although she has played many roles since joining TVB seven years ago, Roxanne Tong admitted that there are still many characters that she has yet to play and would like to try in future projects.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who sat down for an interview to promote her series, "Handmaidens United" recently, shared that she would love to play a tough character that would shed her girl-next-door image.

"I want everybody to know that this is my real character. If people like it, it means that I don't have to always dress up and play a gentle girl too often," she said.

In fact, said Roxanne, she was never the meek girl portrayed by the media, saying that she is very stubborn in real life, even while she was a middle school student.

The actress added that she didn't even cry when punished by her mother, adding lightheartedly that it is why doing crying scenes as an actress was the toughest thing for her to do.

(Photo Source: Roxanne Tong Instagram)