Roxanne Tong promoted to lead actress in new series

13 Mar – TVB actress Roxanne Tong has been promoted lead actress in the new series, "A Smile Across the Mortal World" (working title).

As reported on On VV, the actress who spoke to the media about her first time as the female lead, said that she is excited but nervous about her role in the drama, which will revolve around the Chinese folklore hero Ji Gong.

"I have great co-stars and a great script. I am doing my homework diligently," she enthused.

Although she has played a lot of livelier girl-next-door characters, Roxanne said that her character in the drama will be extremely different than what she is used to in the past.

"I play a serious constable. There are cases to solve and I will also have a romantic storyline. I like filming ancient dramas and Ji Gong is a very iconic storyline," she said.

As for her preparation for the series, Roxanne said that she has learned jazz and K-pop dances for more flexibility in her movement as she will be doing some action scenes in the drama.

"I hope my performance this time will change my previous image," she said.

(Photo Source: On CC)